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      為響應國家西部大開發戰略決策和“一帶一路”戰略,優化生產要素配置,公司做出經略西部的重大決定?,F已形成寧夏平羅縣大唐精細化工園區和甘肅玉門市化工工業園區兩大生產基地,年產永固紫RL 1000噸,粗品500噸,酞菁系列6700噸,染料及染料中間體2200噸。工廠總占地面積30萬平方米,員工300余人,公司經過近20年的不懈努力,已成為顏料染料行業顏染料優秀生產供應商。

      主要產品涵蓋:有機顏料系列:永固紫RL粗品、永固紫RL精品;酞菁藍15:0、15:1、BGS 15:3系列,酞菁綠G7系列等。



      公司始終秉承 “以人為本、專業創新、品質至上、誠信為譽”的經營理念和生產理念,我們期待以優良的品質、高效的服務和專業的團隊與海內外伙伴攜手共進,合作共贏,共創美好未來!

      Yancheng Tianshi Chemical ltd., is a large manufacturer who is specialized in pigment R&D, production and sales. Company mechanism completes with marketing headquarters in Yancheng Financial business center and two factories.

      It has been one of the largest organic pigment suppliers in China after twenty years’ efforts. We have established a perfect quality control system according to the international standard, focusing on environment protecting and sustainable development and we’ve successfully got ISO9001 Quality System Certification and ISO4001 environment system certification.

      The company has maintained long-term and extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, scholars and research institutions, and has formed more than 40 varieties of blue, green and Violet pigments, which are widely used in paint, ink, leather,plastic, textile printing, etc. More than 70% of the products are exported to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, other regions and countries.

      We have always been adhering to the people-oriented, professional innovation, quality and honesty for the reputation of the management and production concept, is committed to become a world-class superior supplier for PV23 and phthalocyanine pigment. With the superior quality, efficient service and professional team, we are looking to working together with partners domestic and abroad, pursing win-win cooperation and creating a better future!


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